Public Outreach

Public Outreach


  • Dealing with the public means a great deal of communication. While some of this must be done by actual people in your organization, other nonprofit communications are much easier to automate. Newsletters, donation requests, event promotion, and other kinds of notifications and touch points can be automated to save time and energy for the tasks that do require human intervention.

    SimplyCast presents the Public Outreach use case, a process which can ensure the right message goes to the right person and contains all the correct details. Nonprofit organizations can upload existing lists or collect new signups online with forms and landing pages.

We Can Help

  • Manage outreach using a single platform
  • Send personalized and automated messages
  • Ensure public engagement

Here's How

The Public Outreach Use Case makes use of communication channels with templatable messages to ensure that the right message reaches its destination every time. It also leverages merge tags to ensure that messages are still personalized to the specific contact receiving them.

  1. Build a Contact Database

    Collect contact data from wherever the public happens to be interacting with your organization and allow existing data to be centralized as well.

  2. Send Personalized Messages

    Send communications at the appointed time, every time with personalized details pulled from the central database, so the right information goes to the right contact.

  3. Adapt Based on Interactions

    Follow up or adapt communication based on client behavior, to ensure that the messages they receive are always of interest to them wherever possible.

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Use Case Identification for Public Outreach

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