Attract More Open House Guests

Attract More Open House Guests


  • Increasing the number of leads viewing properties, generating interest in person and online, and immediately connecting with people to bring in more leads are goals that every real estate agency works toward. How can agencies leverage modern and less traditional tools to facilitate the achievement of these goals?.

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Using SMS shortcodes helps real estate companies increase their leads. Leads simply text keywords to a shortcode in order to receive specific information about a property. Each lead is then nurtured with messages based on their interests so agents are able to identify hot leads and effectively connect with them.

  1. Set Up Simple Shortcode Process

    Create an SMS shortcode process for each property using the SimplyCast 360 drag-and-drop tool. You can send different relevant information to each lead based on their SMS response. You will know which lead is interested in leasing, which lead is interested in purchasing a house, and which leads have gone cold. Leads will receive a different flow of messages based on their interests.

  2. Capture Leads with Information at Their Fingertips

    Leads text a specific keyword, such as HOUSE1, to a shortcode. The messages that the lead receives depends on what keyword they text in.

  3. Automatically Organize Leads with Personal Profiles

    Once a lead texts in the keyword of their choice, the lead is registered by the system. Each lead has a personal profile in the CRM and is entered into the appropriate communication flow. This means that each lead will receive a specific set of messages based on their interactions with your messages. You can set up your process so that the lead is prompted to sign up for email notifications once they are registered in the CRM. The lead may decide how they prefer to be contacted for convenience, either by SMS or email. This information is stored and can be updated at any time.

  4. Easily Identify Hot Leads and Target Their Interests

    As the lead interacts with your content, they are tracked. A personal profile is built up based on the information collected so you can learn more about the lead and send them relevant messages. You can tag and score the lead based on their message interactions and website activity. Tags and scores help you determine how hot or interested a lead is. Based on the quality of the lead, your sales team will know who to follow up with.

  5. Nurture Each Lead Based on Personal Needs

    As each interaction is tracked, you learn more about the lead's needs and interests. The lead is sent through a specific real estate message flow, such as property leasing, based on their responses. Each lead will receive a different specific flow of messages. You decide how the messages are sent out but your team doesn't have to spend time manually following up with each lead. You can create time delays to spread out the messages that each lead receives. Timed messages keep leads engaged so they don't feel abandoned. Use property information, real estate tips, and white papers to keep leads engaged.

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