Easily Follow Up with Job Applicants

Easily Follow Up with Job Applicants

Easily Follow Up with Job Applicants


  • Making the applicant follow-up process faster and more efficient while managing a comprehensive communication process for each type of applicant (applied, waiting for follow up, approved first interview, second interview, pre-hire information, not approved, hired) is a must for recruiting firms to operate efficiently.

We Can Help

  • Make the applicant follow up process more efficient
  • Keep applicants up to date
  • Set up interviews more effectively

Here's How

Using an automated signup form and automatically personalized follow-up process saves time each day. All applicants are automatically organized, tagged, and tracked as they move through the recruitment stages. Personalized emails are sent to each applicant. This process saves time and keeps applicants up to date.

  1. Set Up a Simple Follow Up Process

    Create an applicant follow-up campaign using the SimplyCast 360 drag-and-drop tool. Include each different stage (first interview, not approved, hired, etc.) so each applicant will receive different messages based on their status. This automated process helps you stay connected with applicants without having to spend all your time writing out emails and calling people to update them.

  2. Quickly Capture Applicant Information

    Applicants fill out a web form that collects all their relevant information. Each applicant's information is fed directly into the CRM. The CRM begins to build a personal profile for each applicant so they will receive relevant messages.

  3. Immediately Follow Up with Applicant

    As soon as the applicant enters their information, a follow-up email is sent out. This email provides them with more information and gives them an estimated time for response. This email helps update applicants so they don't waste time calling in to inquire. If you want, you can send another time-delayed email which will provide them with additional resources.

  4. Keep Applicants Updated with Personalized Communication Flows

    Depending on the status of the applicant, the recruiter will place them in the appropriate message flow. Each applicant will receive a different series of messages based on their status, keeping them engaged.

  5. Stay Connected with Applicant Throughout Entire Process

    The applicant receives automated follow-up messages based on where they are in the process. The applicant may choose how they prefer to be contacted, by email or SMS. Consistent automated messages keep the applicant up to date and reduce the time it takes for recruiters to follow up. As recruiters work through applicants and employers decide on the applicants they wish to pursue, the recruiter moves each applicant into the corresponding message stage. Each applicant then receives the appropriate follow-up messages automatically. Messages are easily updated for applicants, such as to provide an explanation of why the applicant was not hired.

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