Remind Domain Holders to Renew

Remind Domain Holders to Renew


  • Web hosting companies are in the unenviable position of needing to remind people to renew their domains because if a user logs in one day to find that all of their data is gone, it can become a nightmare for everyone involved.

We Can Help

  • Ensure renewals
  • Automate reminders
  • Avoid drop-offs and panicked clients

Here's How

Using SimplyCast 360, you can create a workflow containing renewal reminders at certain points in time as soon as someone signs up for your web hosting service. By including it as part of the initial signup process, there is no additional work for either you or your customer.

  1. Signing Up for Service

    You can have someone sign up for your service using a form, and their information will automatically be entered into the SimplyCast CRM. The CRM will track the date that they provided, so it knows when to send out the appropriate reminders.

  2. Initial Renewal Reminder

    You can set a delay so that three months before a customer's domain is set to expire, you can automatically send them a renewal email. If they choose to renew, that information will propagate to the CRM, and the cycle will begin anew.

  3. Additional Reminders as Necessary

    If someone doesn't open or interact with your renewal notice, you can choose to automatically send them additional reminders at scheduled intervals leading up to the time that their domain expires. If they elect not to open or interact with a previous reminder email, they could be sent new emails a month, two weeks, a week, and a day before the expiry date. If they interact with any renewal email, they will not be sent additional communications.

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