Research Study Management

Research Study Management


  • SimplyCast presents the idea of a Research Study Management use case, a system makes it easy for participants to sign up for research studies and simplifies the management of these studies long-term.

    The streamlined process begins when a participant signs up using an online form, or one they access by scanning a QR code. The system automatically takes care of everything from then on.

We Can Help

  • Create a straightforward on-ramp for participating in research
  • Ensure participants are kept informed after research is completed
  • Easily adapt messaging to match with the design of any study

Here's How

By making use of automatic messaging and other adaptive tools, the Research Study Management solution reduces the manual tasks required in managing studies and can easily adapt to fit any design.

  1. Digital Signup

    An online form allows participants to register for research studies. By making use of a QR code, the form can be easily available anywhere.

  2. Automatic Follow-up

    Follow-up messages can be sent after the initial form is filled out to collect or share additional information, as well as allowing participants to schedule appointments.

  3. Scheduled Reminders

    Reminder messages can be sent to participants to ensure they don't forget appointments or key tasks.

  4. Long-term Updates

    After the study, contact information can be retained to ensure that participants can easily be notified of study results or any significant follow-up details.

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Use Case Identification for Research Study Management

Use Case ID: OUC024


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