Attract Diners with Personalized Promotions

Attract Diners with Personalized Promotions

Attract Diners with Personalized Promotions


  • Bringing in more diners during off times, effectively promoting daily deals, and increasing business in out-of-town locations are just some things that restaurants have to worry about. How can you separate our dining establishment from the rest?

We Can Help

  • Attract more diners
  • Send messages to diners at key times
  • Contact nearby diners

Here's How

Using timed SMS promotions and personalized emails enables restaurants to bring in more diners. Daily promotions are sent out when people are just about ready to eat. Deals are easily updated each day and different deals are sent to diners based on their location.

  1. Set Up a Simple Promotion Process

    Create an SMS process and an email process for your restaurant promotions using the SimplyCast 360 drag-and-drop tool. You can send different promotions to each diner based on which restaurant location they are interested in. This helps you fill empty seats by showing diners deals for the location that is most convenient for them.

  2. Connect with Diners Through Simple Shortcodes

    The diner texts a keyword, such as BROOKLYN or MANHATTAN, to a shortcode in order to be added to the SMS list. Using this keyword, the system automatically places the diner on the list for their preferred restaurant location. A diner wishing to join the email list fills out a web form and checks off their preferred location. However the diner signs up, their information is sent to the CRM. There is no need to spend time manually organizing diners.

  3. Automatically Organize Diners with Personal Profiles

    Once each diner signs up, the CRM creates a personal profile so you can track the diner. See which diners redeem coupons and visit your restaurant. The diner is entered into the appropriate restaurant marketing message flow. Diners will receive different messages depending on the way they prefer to be contacted (email or SMS), and also depending on the location they expressed interest in. This specific flow of messages keeps each lead engaged and personalizes their dining experience.

  4. Bring in Diners at Key Times Throughout the Day

    Schedule email and text message promotions to go out right before lunch and supper to attract that crowd of diners. During slow times of the day, send out limited time coupons and specials to get more diners in to your restaurants.

  5. Attract More Diners Based on Location

    You can send out different messages to each diner based on their preferred location. If your Brooklyn location just got a new pizza oven, for example, send out a stone-baked pizza promotion message to the diners who live in Brooklyn. Your CRM keeps track of each diner's preferred location so you don't have to.

  6. Stay Connected with Diners Through Repeat Messages

    You can set up repeated messages that trigger every week on a certain day. These messages will repeat automatically but you can easily change the content if you wish. Regular messages help keep diners interested and aware of your deals. Marketing automation takes care of sending these messages, saving time for you.

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