Restaurant Patio Waitlist

Restaurant Patio Waitlist



  • Many restaurants face challenges with ensuring that their customers are aware of patio congestion and availability in the summer, including notifying the customer of availability in a way that is efficient and controlled.

We Can Help

  • Ensure customers stay updated
  • Receive information from customers in a timely manner
  • Minimize time spent managing the patio manually

Here's How

SimplyCast offers the Restaurant Patio Waitlist solution, a personalized communication automation system that improves communications through engagement-oriented tools.

  1. Online forms take in patio waitlist requests and send a confirmation, ensuring that people know they are on the waitlist.

  2. SMS or email messages will be sent to notify the customer that their spot has become available.

  3. Automation tools will remove the customer once they have arrived, allowing them to re-use the waitlist for another visit.

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