Sell to People Around the World

Sell to People Around the World


  • When trying to create an international business, finding non-digital resources to capitalize on that vision can prove difficult. Due to varying time zones, you may simply be unable to contact people in countries where you would like to be able to do business. What are you to do if email isn't an option?

We Can Help

  • Reach customers around the world
  • Send automated calls to qualified prospects

Here's How

With a marketing automation platform, you can create a workflow that will automatically call a prospect at a pre-determined or fixed time after they fill out an initial information form.

  1. Create a Signup Form

    With a signup form, you can gather the phone numbers of interested parties. Remember to make it clear to them during this process that they are opting in to receive communications from you.

  2. Begin the Waiting Period

    Using a delay, you can set a custom waiting period before a person who filled out the form will be contacted. You can choose to contact them either after a fixed time after they submitted the form, such as an hour or a week, or at a custom time.

  3. Send the Call

    After the delay period is over, the platform will automatically make the phone call. This is an excellent way of reaching out to people in different time zones, because it is not contingent on your schedule or availability to send the communication.

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