Send Automated Reminder Calls

Send Automated Reminder Calls


  • When someone has an important appointment, you want to ensure that attending is top of mind for them, or they might forget about it and have to start the whole booking process over again. However, manually calling to confirm appointments can be a repetitive and time-consuming task. How can you ensure that clients are reminded without sacrificing employee efficiency?

We Can Help

  • Ensure appointments aren’t missed
  • Send reminders automatically

Here's How

If reminder phone calls are automated instead of made manually, your clients can receive one or multiple phone calls to ensure that they remember their appointment, without any additional effort from you or your staff.

  1. Import Existing Data

    Using an inbound API, you can pull information from your existing contact relationship manager to gather the telephone number and appointment dates of your clients. This can be especially helpful for businesses that may have other sensitive data attached to client profiles, such as medical records, so you can choose to import only these specific fields.

  2. Make Reminder Calls

    After your data is imported and parsed by the automation platform, it will look at the appointment day and schedule an execution delay so that a phone call is sent out one week in advance. There are three different options when it comes to sending automated reminder calls: recording and uploading a personal message, using text-to-speech functionality, or recording a new message on the fly. After this phone call, another delay will be created so that clients will receive a second reminder phone call on the day before their appointment. This multi-reminder approach grants the opportunity for clients to still receive a reminder If they happen to miss the first one.

  3. Confirm Appointments

    After the second phone call has been received, a tag will be added to the contact in the CRM to verify that they received the call and are aware of the upcoming appointment. If another appointment is scheduled, the tag can be removed and the process can begin anew.

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