Send Reminders for Events and Classes

Send Reminders for Events and Classes


  • From swimming lessons to personal trainers to ongoing intramural teams, the fitness center has a number of events going at any given time that require an attendance, many times when the attendance isn't maximized the activity is less enjoyable by the members who have shown up.

We Can Help

  • Keep classes and events full
  • Send timely reminders

Here's How

By feeding in the schedule of the sports facility and its activities into a central database in SimplyCast you can use it to send reminders to the attendee at the proper time.

  1. Set up Registration Form

    In your registration form be sure to ask clients what their preferred method of communication is. Using this information you will be able to communicate with them in the best possible way.

  2. Input Schedules

    Once you collect their preferences, feed their schedule into the SimplyCast system via manual upload or API.

  3. Send Automatic Reminders

    In SimplyCast 360 you can now send all your clients automatic reminders of their schedules. By gathering their preferred contact information you will be able to send reminders to them through any means of communication. This ensures your reminders are received and read.

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