Send Software Update Notifications

Send Software Update Notifications


  • For any technological industry, software updates are a fairly standard thing. For specialists and consultants in a particular kind of software, it can be difficult to ensure that every client knows of the latest version of a program. Emailing customers based on their specific needs may be a solution for smaller consultancies, but this is a time-consuming prospect.

We Can Help

  • Inform clients of updates
  • Trigger update notifications automatically

Here's How

Through the use of an API, you can automatically send emails to clients to alert them of any updates to their specific software, without needing to spend the time manually crafting emails, or sending all of your contacts an email that may not apply to them.

  1. Use an API to Update Data

    By using an inbound API, you can update your client profiles within the CRM, which will start a workflow for any contacts who have a tag to distinguish them as owning or being interested in a specific software. The use of the API allows for dynamic updates with no intervention.

  2. Send an Email to a List of Applicable Contacts

    Once the marketing automation platform checks which clients are tagged with a software type, it can automatically send a pre-generated email to them to alert them of an update, with the recommendation that they get in touch with their consultant if they have any additional questions. This type of transactional email provides value to a client and helps foster a strong relationship.

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