Share Employee Schedules

Share Employee Schedules

Share Employee Schedules


  • Employees of law firms, or other kinds of businesses with large amounts of personnel, may have a difficult time scheduling meetings so that everyone who needs to attend is available. What is the best way to create transparency among employees' schedules and ensure that an employee will be able to get assistance from other staff if it's needed?

We Can Help

  • Coordinate employee schedules
  • Share schedules on a regular basis

Here's How

By using an inbound API connection to funnel scheduling software into a marketing automation platform, emails containing employee schedules for a given time period can be automatically sent to a firm's partners to demonstrate the amount of resources available.

  1. Create an API Connection

    An inbound API connection can allow scheduling software to populate information about a particular employee into their entry in the CRM. Whenever new data is pulled from the connection, the data within the CRM will be updated.

  2. Send a Weekly Email

    An email will then be sent out on a weekly basis, alerting a firm’s management of any scheduling conflicts within their team that would prevent them from meeting, as well as a top-line view of which clients a given employee may be working with. As this happens automatically, senior staff always know what employees are up to during the work day, and can make alterations to the amount of attention paid to certain cases if necessary.

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