Simplified Staff Notifications

Simplified Staff Notifications

Simplified Staff Notifications


  • Staff notifications and emergency communications are a vital service no matter the industry. When a university has a large staff roster, sending notifications manually can be a complex job involving several independent departments and tools.

    SimplyCast’s Simplified Staff Notifications use case aims to help universities and their staff. By working with university staff and administrators, we have built a solution that makes notifications more accessible and increase the rate at which notifications are received and read.  

We Can Help

  • Identify problems
  • Manage all notifications within a central platform
  • Pre-prepare emergency and closure notices

Here's How

By making use of a centralized staff contact database and multi-channel, pre-templated messages, simplified alerts can be sent via email, SMS, or even voice messaging.

  1. Build Staff Database

    An alert system or notification solution is pointless if there are no recorded contacts that can be sent to. Record key contact information and ensure it remains updated by regular messaging and reminders.

  2. Template Messages

    In this step, templated messages are built ahead of time. The automated staff notification solution can have templates built for a variety of occasions on campus and can be tailored to several different potentialities. These messages can be customized at any time and triggered with a single click.

  3. Activate Alert

    Once a situation arises in which the activation of the notification system is required, a single click will send the templated messages to the correct staff members in the right way – all pre-determined.

  4. Reports

    Once notification messages are sent, the solution automatically tracks actions taken by contacts. These actions can be tracked in near real time to the individual level. Next steps can also be decided on based on how contacts interact with the messages.

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Use Case Identification for Simplified Staff Notifications

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