Surgery Reminders

Surgery Reminders


  • Hospitals and other medical facilities have many opportunities to improve how they manage their surgery-related communications.

    SimplyCast presents the idea of a Surgery Reminders use case, a system that allows hospital staff to send automatic reminders, manage post-surgery recovery plan communications, and customize messaging based on each type of surgery.

We Can Help

  • Customize reminders based on the surgery being conducted
  • Automate the basic levels of the reminder and post-surgery communications process
  • Save time ensuring patients remember their surgeries

Here's How

SimplyCast’s Surgery Reminders solution aims to help hospitals to ensure their communications are as efficient and effective as possible. By making use of digital technology the messages sent can be customized to the exact surgery being conducted, allowing for a streamlined process that minimizes the number of manual steps.

  1. Send Automatic Reminders

    Automatic appointment reminders can detect if a patient hasn’t verified receipt within a set amount of time.

  2. Collect Information Digitally

    Digital forms can be used to easily collect up-to-date information from patients ahead of surgeries.

  3. Digitize Recovery

    Recovery plans can be digitized based on the surgery in question, sending messages as they become relevant and ensuring patients are kept updated.

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Use Case Identification for Surgery Reminders

Use Case ID: OUC067


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