Targeted Recruitment

Targeted Recruitment

Targeted Recruitment


  • Every educational institution’s recruitment department needs to be able to ensure prospective students’ attention is held. This requires that outreach to these prospects be customizable to everyone – even if it’s outreach on a mass scale.

    SimplyCast presents the idea of the Targeted Recruitment use case, a complete solution for making sure every prospective student is dynamically shown the information that most relates to their intended paths.

We Can Help

  • Target prospective students with relevant information.​
  • Ensure active prospects are noticed and nurtured.​
  • Answer the most frequently asked questions about each program.

Here's How

By leveraging online forms to learn more about prospective students and sending them targeted information based on their expressed interests, students can be engaged with in a personal way. Prospect behavior can be tracked and acted upon when they demonstrate engagement.

  1. Collect Information

    Using a web form that adapts to the page it’s on, prospect profiles can be generated using the information submitted on the form, as well as the specific page from which the prospect filled out the form.

  2. Custom Outreach

    Prospective students, upon verifying their consent to receive messages about programs, can automatically be categorized based on their program of interest and sent messages that are customized to the selected program(s).

  3. Adapt Messaging

    When program-oriented messages are sent to prospective students, messages can be adapted even further based on any other criteria, adapting to the exact circumstance for each prospective student.

  4. Recruiter Assignment

    Once prospective students receive the initial messaging, those who read the message soon after it was sent can be treated as active and engaged.

    Those active prospects can be automatically assigned to a recruiter, based either on random assignment or the program they’re interested in, for more direct follow-up.

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