Engage Applicants Based on Application Status

Update & Engage Potential Students Based on Their Application Status


  • The application process has multiple steps from the time the initial registration happens until the student is finally accepted into the program. These stages are: Recruited, Applied, Accepted, and Enrolled. Sometimes students will get stuck in any of the identified stages and fall off because they forget or lose interest.

We Can Help

  • Ensure potential students' complete applications
  • Keep potential students engaged
  • Automate reminders

Here's How

Keep potential students engaged and ensure they don't fall through the cracks by guiding their application journey with targeted reminders about the next steps to take based on their current application or enrollment status. All you'll need to do is set up and activate a SimplyCast 360 flow, and ensure our system is updated when students' statuses change - these updates can take place through automated API connections or weekly list uploads.

  1. Check Students' Statuses

    On a weekly schedule review all students in the master list to check their current status. Feed this information into the SimplyCast 360 platform through an API or weekly upload.

  2. Send Automated Reminders

    Based on their specific current status, students will be sent a message with an appropriate reminder or the next steps to take in the application process. Once their status changes, the content of the message the following week will change to match the new status.

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Use Case Identification for Update & Engage Potential Students Based on Their Application Status

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