Workplace Re-opening

Workplace Re-opening

Workplace Re-opening


  • As the world has continued to adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are examining the possibility of re-opening their workplaces.

    SimplyCast presents the idea of a Workplace Re-opening use case, a system which allows businesses to easily determine what their own staff think they should do with regard to re-opening in-person workplaces.

We Can Help

  • Assess employee sentiment
  • Determine the best way to reopen
  • Easily repeat the assessment as needed

Here's How

The streamlined process involves sending employees a digital survey, allowing them to identify their opinions and voice any concerns. Responses are automatically fed into reports which make it clear where sentiments lie.

  1. Digital Surveys

    Surveys can be easily created and sent around to staff to determine their readiness to return to in-person work. Because of their digital nature, responses to these surveys are automatically collected and their results can easily be examined and assessed.

  2. Automatic Reminders

    Automatic email reminders can be sent to any staff members who don’t complete the survey within a timely manner. This helps to further ensure all employees have a chance to make their submission and have their opinions be heard.

  3. Customization

    This digital process is highly customizable to meet with the expectations and needs of each different workplace. The exact survey questions that are asked can be adapted based on what options are available to employees.

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Use Case Identification for Workplace Re-opening

Use Case ID: UC0000012


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