SimplyCast User Guides: Blocklist Monitor User Guide

SimplyCast Blocklist Monitor User Guide


The platform includes the Blocklist Monitor, an application designed to keep your online reputation safe. When emails that you have sent are labeled as spam or reported, it can result in your IP address becoming blocklisted, restricting your email deliverability.

Through the Blocklist Monitor application, the platform will automatically track entered IP addresses across more than 40 blocklists. If any of the IPs you have entered become blocklisted, you will receive a notification, allowing you to work towards removing the negative listing.

In this comprehensive user guide, you will be walked through each and every component of the Blocklist Monitor channel to ensure you are well-educated on all the available tools and features it offers.


This guide includes how to:

- Track your IP addresses

- Remove any blocklisted IP addresses

- View a comprehensive breakdown of blocklist reports

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