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SimplyCast Sonar User Guide


The SimplyCast platform includes the anonymous web tracking software, Sonar, which enables you to keep track of visitors to your online sources from your website, and your email projects. Sonar gathers information from these visitors and stores it in the SimplyCast Contact Relationship Manager for future use.

The benefits of anonymous web tracking are many. The majority of people who interact with your website do not end up signing up so, without web tracking, you lose all that potential data you could be using to improve your connections. Sonar is able to collect information about a person the moment he or she arrives on your site, whether they sign up to receive notifications from you or not.

In this comprehensive user guide, you will be walked through each and every component of the Sonar channel to ensure you are well educated on all the available tools and features Sonar offers.


This guide includes how to:

- Create a Sonar web tracker

- Configure all the settings of a Sonar tracker

- View a comprehensive breakdown of Sonar reports

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