Version 8.7 Release Promo

Version 8.7 Release Promo

June 09, 2014

At SimplyCast, innovation is our number one priority, and we're always looking for ways that we can help you build your customer base and improve your marketing. As such, we're proud to unveil to you SimplyCast 360 version 8.7! Version 8.7 features our brand new Contact Manager, as well as hugely expanded tracking and pipeline management, new ways to customize and specify campaigns, and a huge variety of ways you can interact with, tag, and even notarize on your contacts, keeping a file on them available for sales specialists to consistently update, as well as a way to directly integrate your lists in a way that is easy to edit and manipulate.We've revamped our landing page generator, as well as our reporting pages, allowing for a better user experience and a more fluid user interface, and updated a bunch of things to boot. Innovation will keep us at the forefront of our business, but our focus is still making sure that you succeed, and we're here to make sure that you always have all the tools to do that. Check out our blog for more information, as well as checking out our competitive pricing or sign up for a free trial here.

Our Contact Manager is free to use during the trial, and onward even after the trial expires, so don't forget to check it out!/

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