Automated Automotive Industry Solutions: SimplyCast 360

Automated Automotive Industry Solutions: SimplyCast 360

May 22, 2014

SimplyCast wants to help the automotive industry, whether it’s putting people behind the wheel, or working on your wheels.

With a focus on customer communication, SimplyCast 360 is an ideal way to automate some of the daily routines like reminding customers of appointments, advertising and building your brand via online presence to attract more customers. You have to take time out of your day or your personal time normally to get any of this done. Even newsletters take valuable time out of your day. SimplyCast 360 can automate all of those things though, so you only have to worry about keeping the information up to date once every couple of weeks at the most frequently. By sorting your clients into lists you can send ads that will be more effective and actually appeal to what they want. The possibilities are endless. From SMS, to email and voice, as well as integrated social media, SimplyCast has a wide variety of communication options, and a large amount of automotive marketing tips at your fingertips on our blog and website, which you can find the automotive pages on here:

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