Automated Call Reminders: Campaign Launchpad

Automated Call Reminders: Campaign Launchpad

February 26, 2016

Calling clients to remind them of upcoming appointments can be a time-consuming and repetitive process. With automated phone call reminders, you can ensure that your clients are notified at predetermined times while increasing operational efficiency. You can pull information from your existing CRM, such as telephone number and appointment date, for the platform to act on. Once this information is pulled, a delay is created so that your clients receive their first reminder a week before their appointment. Another delay can be created so that your clients can receive a reminder the day before they're scheduled to see you. After this second phone call, a tag can be affixed to a contact to indicate that they were reminded. If they need to schedule a follow-up, you can remove the tag and start the whole process fresh. When you automate calls, your clients will receive reminders exactly when they need to, with little to no extra effort from you.

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