CRM Tutorial: How to Add/Remove Custom Columns

CRM Tutorial: How to Add/Remove Custom Columns

March 22, 2016

If you have custom data you wish to add to our system, like customer preferences, you can do so in the CRM. Just click on the contacts tab and then on the “edit columns button” on the right. A drawer will slide out with the current list you have selected. You can toggle them on and off here, or change the order by simply dragging and dropping them where you please.

To add a column just click on “add or remove” at the bottom of the drawer. This link will only appear if you’re the administrator of the account. If you’re a sub-account, you might not access to edit or add custom columns. If it’s available, click this and it will bring you to the edit columns page. Just click the “Add Column” button and add the column details in the drawer. Pick a name for the column and then what data type. It’s important to match the data type to what the information will be. Select “active” if you want the column to be toggled on in the customs column page. Merge tag is just the text that you will use to let the system know you want to merge this information into an email or other type of message when you send to this contact. We suggest you use the column name with two percentage symbols at either end. Once you’ve entered your desired merge tag, press enter. Click save at the bottom to confirm your new custom column. The custom columns are sorted alphabetically so just scroll down to see it if you need to.

If you want to remove or add the column from being available for display on the contacts page, you can just toggle it on and off with the slider. If you want to edit the details of the column just select edit and you can change the merge tags. Once you’re done, click save and return and you’ll be brought back to the contacts page. Now the custom column will be visible in the customize table, just check it off to toggle it on. Click save and now the custom column will appear on the contacts page.

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