CRM Pipeline Tutorial: How to Create a Pipeline

CRM Pipeline Tutorial: How to Create a Pipeline

March 22, 2016

CRM Pipeline Tutorial

So you want to create a pipeline to better organize your contacts. In this video, you will be provided with a detailed pipeline tutorial to aid in your CRM activities.

How to create a pipeline:

To do so, click on the pipeline tab on the left side of the screen. From here you can view all of your current pipelines. To add one just click on “add pipeline” and a drawer will slide out on the right. Now just name your pipeline, pick the color you want it to be and then the number of stages it’ll have. Now click “save changes” and your new pipeline will appear on the pipeline page.

If you want to edit your pipeline just click on the edit pipeline button. Then you can change the settings here. If you want to delete a pipeline just on the dropdown menu and select delete.

The number that appears here is the total number of contacts in the pipeline and the numbers in each one of these bubbles represent the number of contacts in this stage. If you want to view the stages click on the pipeline name to get a more detailed view. From here you can click on a pipeline stage to view what contacts are currently in it. You can also edit the pipeline stage by clicking “edit stage”. Then just adjust the settings as you see fit. If you want to add an extra stage just “add stage”. You can also click the dropdown menu here to get a few more options like “edit pipeline”, “reorder stages” and “delete pipeline”.

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