CRM Tutorial: How to Create a Task

CRM Tutorial: How to Create a Task

March 22, 2016

Tasks are ways to put manual tasks into our system and your work flow. This is useful, for instance, if you want to have a salesperson manually call a client. You can even have tasks automatically created in the 360 automation manager. Let's start off by manually creating a task by going to the tasks page. To get to the tasks page just click on the tasks tab here on the left side of the page. You can see all of your current tasks or create new ones.

To add a new task just click on the add task button and a drawer will slide out from the side. Now put in the task information like title, due date and then set the priority. If you have sub accounts in our system you can assign the task to one of those if you like, but we're just going to assign it to yourself for this one. You can also set the status of the task, either new, in progress, or complete once it's finished. Beneath that you can add any details to the task if you wish. Click save once you're done and the task will show up on the task page. If you want to view the task just click the view button over here and the task will slide back out.

There are also a few other ways to create tasks in our system. If you want a task to be associated with a specific contact, just go the contacts full profile. Go to the contact page and then click on the contact you wish to add the task to. Now under new activity select new task and a task creation drawer will slide out. Just fill out the information like you would do before and save it. Now if you go back to the tasks page and view the task, you can see it's attached to that contact.

The other way you can create a task is through the 360 automation manager. Let's just jump into a project we already have set up to show you. This is a pretty basic 360 automation flow that starts with a signup form. Once they sign up, they'll be sent a welcome email, which, if opened, will activate the Pause & Wait for CRM element. This creates a task in the CRM that has to be completed for the automation flow to resume. The task will be named after the element name, in this case, call the client. If you select the node you can see over here who the task will be assigned to and what email they will be notified on. Once the task is complete the flow will continue on as normal. If you would like a better explanation of how to setup a flow like this go to the 360 tutorial section.If you need more help reach out to us at

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