CRM Tutorial: Send One Off Email

CRM Tutorial: Send One Off Email

March 21, 2016

If you wish to send a one off email to a contact, you can do so through the CRM. Just click on the contacts tab and then on the contact you wish to reach out to.

Under new activity select “send email” and a drawer will slide out from the right. First you’ll need to select your template. Once you have, click “select.” If you don’t have any templates saved you can just pick the blank one. Now you can enter your subject line and your sender address, which is who the email will appear to be from. Now just fill out and format the content however you would like and click “send.” Now the contact will have the email sent to them. You can see this activity in the time line.

If you want to save a template to be usable in one-off email sends, open the email you wish to save. Now click on “publish as template,” name it, and make sure to select “personal email template.” Now that email will appear in the template selection back in the CRM. Kind in mind you can’t edit these templates in the CRM and can just see the preview. But you can use merge tags to pull the contact’s information into the email.

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