CRM Tutorial: Upload a List/Spreadsheet

CRM Tutorial: Upload a List/Spreadsheet

March 21, 2016

Perhaps you have a list of contacts outside of our system and you want to upload them. Doing so is a simple process. First, just click on the Lists tab on the left side of the screen. On this screen you can see a table with all your current lists and their data. To start the upload process just click on the upload button here. You can upload a list in a couple of different formats, either a spreadsheet file, a text file, or from another CRM. For this tutorial we’re going to upload a spreadsheet file, so click ok to move forward.

Now just choose the file from your computer that you plan on uploading. Below that are some terms you need to agree to so we know the contacts have properly opted in to be on your list. Once you’ve done that just click next at the bottom.

This screen is where you’ll do your field mapping. Our system automatically checks the fields to see if they match any common fields we already have, like email. As you can see email has been auto-detected. Some of these fields were not auto-detected so lets match them up with the correct fields. Both of these options are already fields so we can just select them, but if you had a custom field that isn’t in our system you can add one easily. Just click create new column at the top of the list. Then select the column name and then what will be contained within the column, date, numbers, or text. Then click create and it will be there.

If you already have some of these contacts in the system and you want to merge the new data into the existing profile you can. Just make sure merge duplicate contacts is selected. Now pick which column you want to use as the merge column. We’ll select email. So now when a contact shares the same email address as a contact that you’re uploading the new data will be merged into that existing contact. Click next when you’re done at this stage.

At this point you can choose what you want to do with the new list, either create a new list entirely or add these contacts to an existing list you have. We’ll just create a new list, which you can name down here. If you want the default columns displayed to change to the mapped columns, you can do so by checking this box. Once you’re done click next and a box will show up to notify you that the list is uploading. Once it’s done you’ll get a message telling you so.

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