Financial Service Marketing: SimplyCast 360

Financial Service Marketing: SimplyCast 360

May 09, 2014

SimplyCast wants to help you help your customers in the financial industry by allowing you more time to focus on working with and improving their finances and customer service experience. Here's how we can help with your financial service marketing. SimplyCast is a multi-channel marketing automation company that produced SimplyCast 360, a platform that can be used by many industries and businesses the world over, and is. With clients in multiple sectors across 175 countries and our application available in eleven languages, we like to think we know a little bit about what we do. What we do is make sure that we do our best to ensure that you're able to do your best. This example covers but a fraction of what our application is capable of, and you can find more on our web site, and further information goes up every day. From blog posts that you can find on our website, to featured flows that show you different scenarios the application can be used in, we put up content all the time. To make matters better, we have a customer support team always willing to help you improve and succeed.If we don't have a feature that you'd like to see, let us know. With 16 products available for effectively the price of one, and a drive to innovate further, we want to know if we're missing something so we can develop it to work within our application so that you can continue to have everything you need on one bill, in one place. Convenience and expedience is what we do, and we don't succeed until you do.

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