Higher Education Marketing: SimplyCast 360

Higher Education Marketing: SimplyCast 360

April 17, 2014

Let us show you how SimplyCast can help with education marketing and communication in a school!

Marketing educational institutions can be difficult. Not only are you promoting the lifestyle your school has to offer, you're also connecting with your students. We want to help you streamline that, and make it move quickly and efficiently so that you can allocate excess resources normally spent on marketing elsewhere.

Need to send out email reminders for registration deadlines? No problem.

Want students to be able to sign up for event reminders every month? Easily done.

Having a good culture is one thing. Being able to keep the student body up to date on the happenings that change that culture is another. Even in high school, this rings true as communication in schools between staff and students is often low. Sure, it's more common in post-secondary, but it's still not ideal. Too many party kids, or people who feel that they don't have to do certain things once they're not mandatory rules. Marketing education means connecting with your student body.

Planning an event? Set up a system so that they can get reminders sent right to their mobile device.

Want them to remember a specific deadline? Set up an email campaign.

With such a focus on electronic devices, education marketing online is quite effective, if slightly less so compared to cell phone campaigns. SimplyCast can help you do all of this, and in such a way that you spend less money on marketing, and more on improving the atmosphere and lifestyle on your campus, regardless of the level of education.

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