Improve Higher Education Recruitment With Marketing Automation

Improve Higher Education Recruitment With Marketing Automation

September 30, 2015

Effective recruiting is a must if you want to succeed as a college or university. But with stiffer competition and rising exceptions from students this is becoming more of a challenge. Let's look at a few ways marketing automation can help you stay competitive in the education market. Identify your prospects to see what they're interested in. Seeing what pages potential students have visited lets you know what they're looking at, so you can better appeal to them with targeted messages. If you know one student spent time looking at your athletics pages you can have an email automatically sent to them about that topic so they know your school shares common values with them. Engage students through the right communication channel at the right time. With automated campaigns you can send potential students messages across SMS, email and social media. Reports will show you how students respond to these messages. This gives recruiters a powerful tool to gain the insight they need to close the cycle. All of these processes can be automated and go from taking months to just days. Once students have finally arrived at your educational institution you can continue to use marketing automation to keep students at the centre of everything you do. Keep them up to date about campus activities and even stay in touch with them after they graduate and become alumni. Become a connected campus with marketing automation.

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