How Do I Add Contacts To My Suppression List: SimplyCast VFAQ

How Do I Add Contacts To My Suppression List: SimplyCast VFAQ

January 13, 2014

The process for adding contacts to your suppression list is essentially the same for each application. Another common term used for this type of list is Unsubscribe List. For this example, we will use the Email suppression list.

To add contacts to the email suppression list, look for the Email tab at the top of the application and select Suppression from the menu. If the email tab is not present, you can add it to the menu by clicking on the “More” tab.

On the suppression page, look for the large box at the top of the page. This box is where you can enter an email address. If you would like to add more than one address or copy and paste a number of email addresses you need to ensure that there is only one email address displayed per line.

Once you have entered the addresses you wish to unsubscribe, click on Unsubscribe these Addresses. This will add the emails to your suppression list which will prevent those users from receiving further messages from your account.

A list of unsubscribed addresses will be displayed below.

Please note: Any addresses you add to the suppression list will never receive any further messages from you. Please double check and make sure you add the right addresses before committing them to your unsubscribe list.

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