How Do I Rename A Project: SimplyCast VFAQ

How Do I Rename A Project: SimplyCast VFAQ

January 16, 2014

To rename a project in SimplyCast you need to visit the Dashboard of the application you are working with. For example, if you wanted to rename your email project you would need to go to the email dashboard to make this change. In this example, you would want to click on the Email tab and choose Dashboard from the menu. If the Email tab is not visible, you can click on the More tab and choose Email from the list.

Once you’ve arrived at the Dashboard with your projects listed, you can rename a project by doing the following:

1.Click on the project name.

2. A text box will appear around the name of the project where you can type in the new name.

3. Click outside of this box or press enter to apply the change.

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