Marketing Automation: SimplyCast 360

Marketing Automation: SimplyCast 360

August 18, 2015

Communicate on over 15 channels of communication through a single easy-to-use automation solution. An all-in-one marketing automation solution enables you to build personally targeted campaigns in minutes. Save time and increase effectiveness through automated communication flows. Reach each customer and lead with messages that appeal to their personal needs and build stronger, more loyal relationships. With our marketing platform you can discover, organize and communicate with your customers. Sonar, our web tracking app lets you track leads that visit your site so you can know what your customers are interested in before they sign up. Organize complex lead nurturing campaigns with our free CRM solution. Finally communicate with 360 with automation across multiple channels including email, SMS, facebook, twitter, fax, voice, forms, landing pages, and more. Signup today for your 14-day free trial and see how marketing automation can help your business succeed!

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