Online Fax Marketing: SimplyCast Fax Broadcasting

Online Fax Marketing: SimplyCast Fax Broadcasting

September 22, 2015

Around the world, millions of businesses are communicating on one of the most accepted communication channels, fax. Over 100 million fax machines are used around the world since it's an easy and secure way for businesses to communicate. For you to broadcast thousands of faxes you need a powerful service to help you deliver your messages on time and on target. By using SimplyCast Fax Broadcasting you can send thousands of documents at an affordable rate. With our web app you don't even need to touch a fax machine to send faxes. Everything can be automated from maximum efficiency. t groups at different times. You can also have restrictions so faxes only send during business hours. Our simple editor lets you compose your own faxes right in the system. Or upload your own PDFs, which are stored in our system, to save time later. Start faxing easier than even ever before. Try SimplyCast Fax Broadcasting today.

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