Online Healthcare Marketing - SimplyCast 360

Online Healthcare Marketing - SimplyCast 360

April 28, 2014

Let Simplycast help take some of the pressure off of your practice and improve your online healthcare marketing strategies!

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Offering a wide range of tools for communication with your patients, and a dedication to keeping that communication running smoothly, we offer Simplycast 360. SimplyCast 360 is a powerful tool that allows you to sort your contacts, set up email, text, or even voice campaigns to contact them and automate them all so that messages are sent out at a specific date and time. It allows for online healthcare marketing and maintenance, beating out current patient scheduling software and assisting online with ways to perform healthcare internet marketing built right in. You can book appointment reminders, schedule messages highlighting health tips and reminding persons with chronic illnesses to care for them, as well as maintain healthy life practices.In addition, assisting with patient scheduling and patient data collection, we position you for the best in healthcare improvement. This video is designed to show you one aspect of the applications of SimplyCast 360 in your industry, but your imagination is the limit! If 360 can't do it yet, let us know what you need and we will work on incorporating it into an upcoming version! We want to make sure that you have as much time and resources to put into patient care as possible, and that means making sure that your communication flow moves quickly and unobstructed. Remember, we want to be the best, and that means we have to help you do the same.Learn more about online healthcare marketing at

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