University Food Service Communication and Marketing Automation

University Food Service Communication and Marketing Automation

December 03, 2015

Providing meal options to university and college students is an important facet of campus life. Students in residence rely on food services for the bulk of their meals. Even off-campus students need to grab a bite to eat once in a while on campus. Let’s look at a few ways marketing automation can help food services appeal to students without adding extra work day-to-day.

A weekly email newsletter can inform students of this week’s menu. Just set up a reoccurring email to be sent out that only needs to be updated weekly. Students’ dietary preferences could also be used to include or exclude certain menu items.

Since most students have smartphones why not send menu information right to them? Set up an SMS keyword that students can text and automatically receive daily specials right on their phone. Or, our system can integrate with your payment system. Now students can text “balance” and automatically receive their meal card balance right on their phone.

Most students are on social media so posting daily specials there is an easy way to reach them. Just set up automated posts to go out on the right days and students can stay informed about daily meals.

Since all of these processes can be automated, you’ll be able to save time and easily connect with students. Take advantage of multi-channel automation to help gather contact information, post on social media, target your communication, and so much more. Become a connected campus with marketing automation.

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