Smart City Evacuation Alerts

Challenge for


It is critical for cities to have effective evacuation strategies in place for any given emergency that may arise. One key challenge is ensuring all citizens receive all the necessary information in a timely manner during evacuations.  

It is common for governments to have difficulties effectively communicating with evacuees when an evacuation is in process, this includes ensuring all evacuees receive alerts and gather information back from evacuees.

Using a digital solution helps enable this process to become more efficient and reduce the challenges that come with spreading information during dire situations.

Solution for


SimplyCast offers the Smart City Evacuation Alerts solution. This is a solution that uses emergency communication alongside engagement-focused automation to create a personalized emergency command process. This will allow governments to ensure everyone receives crucial information even when some communication methods become unavailable.

This use case utilizes digital forms alongside alerts and surveys that are served through multiple communication methods. This will help to strengthen communication with citizens and ensure they can receive alerts even if one form of communication is down.

Steps to Success

  1. Using a digital form that is fillable online or accessible by scanning a QR code helps to make it easier for evacuees to ensure they receive alerts. Additional stakeholders can also use the form to receive alerts and keep up to date.
  2. You will have the ability to leverage multiple communication channels, to ensure citizens will be able to receive alerts even if one communication channel is down.
  3. Citizens can be surveyed during ongoing evacuations to help determine the status of evacuees.

Best Outcome

  • Simplify how evacuees receive alerts.
  • Send alerts with a variety of communication methods.
  • Easily obtain information back from evacuees.
  • Connect stakeholders instantly by deploying instant teleconferences.