Smart City Incident Management

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It is critical for cities to have effective incident management for any emergency that may be occurring in cities. When an emergency is occurring, it is important to be able to quickly respond to the event with all of the necessary procedures.

City developers benefit from having a digital solution that optimizes the handling of every emergency situation. Such a solution also brings benefits in improving the management and review of emergencies after they occur.

Solution for


SimplyCast offers the smart city incident management solution. This streamlined solution makes use of emergency command dashboards, emergency event planning, and a variety of emergency communication tools.

The use of these digital tools allows governments to respond more effectively to ongoing situations and simplify all post-incident procedures.

Steps to Success

  1. Digitize incident response plans to match and template the current incident response procedures of any government.
  2. Once the incident is launched, the plans turn into incident command dashboards. Command dashboards give incident commanders a complete overview of the situation. They can then take more direct action or launch communications as necessary.
  3. All information that is sent back by incident responders is then centralized into one place. This ensures information is readily available for the right incident managers and stakeholders all in one central platform.

Best Outcome

  • Launch responses as quickly as possible when incidents arise.
  • Easily centralize and manage the information that comes in during incidents.
  • Minimize the time spent collecting information post-incident.
  • Easily send alerts to staff, citizens, and other groups.