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Recruitment as an industry is highly competitive – smart technology is the key to victory. Smart recruitment automation is an opportunity for recruiters and their companies to expand their reach and streamline their processes to minimize administrative busywork. Every role in every recruitment firm and organization has an opportunity to evolve, streamline, and improve through recruitment use case automation. We’re here to make recruitment smarter.

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Featured Use Cases

  • Use Case: Smart Recruitment External Job Board
    Smart Recruitment External Job Board

    Most companies and organizations have websites – but the digital infrastructure for job boards is a step above what most can implement on their own. Recruiters have an opportunity to assist companies in creating and managing their job board, streamlining inbound recruitment. Recruiters are already experts in evaluating candidates and can even assist in processing candidates who come in through the job board.

    To make it happen, they need a solution that can provide a digital job board easily. The digital job board, ideally, also needs to be simple to implement on clients’ websites.

  • Use Case: Digital Business Cards for Smart Recruiters
    Digital Business Cards for Smart Recruiters

    Recruitment agencies often need to have access to many business cards at a time. While physical business cards can do the job, they often come with limitations. Distributing business cards to clients can be ineffective, and hard to track. It also does not provide an opportunity to see the benefits of events where business cards are distributed on an organizational level.

    Recruitment agencies have an opportunity to tackle these challenges and move beyond purely physical business cards by using digital smart recruitment business cards.

Why Choose Us?

No code needed

No coding or developers required

Anyone in recruitment can easily deploy and configure automation use cases.


Use case hyperautomation

Recruitment agencies can implement automation faster than ever using use cases.


A comprehensive solution

Our all-in-one technology solution provides limitless solutions for recruiters.


Dedication to data security

We are dedicated to ensuring world-class data and information security.

Solutions for the Smart Recruitment Use Case

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Our Benefits

  • Efficient smart technology implementation strategies to deploy solutions at scale.
  • Automation experts creating new recruitment use cases for every challenge in the industry.
  • Dozens of digital tools which all work cohesively within a comprehensive platform.
  • A team trained on secure information management and data security.

Our Competitors

  • Cannot match our efficiency in implementing new recruitment solutions at scale.
  • Are unable to match the adaptability of the SimplyCast platform.
  • Cannot approach our capabilities without complex webs of integrations and external platforms.
  • Lack accreditation for secure for secure information handling.
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How We're Better

  • A unified all-in-one platform.
  • Over 25 channels for automation, marketing, and engagement.
  • Powered by a comprehensive use case model.
  • Smart technology adoption strategies.
  • Comprehensive solution for smart recruitment.
  • Trusted worldwide by governments.
  • Used worldwide by businesses.
  • ISO:27001 certified ISMS.

Smart Recruitment Frequently Asked Questions