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  • Use Case: Hospital Smart Recruitment
    Hospital Smart Recruitment

    For hospital and healthcare recruiters, there’s a ton of information they need to manage. With so much information to manage, maintaining effective communication with candidate doctors, nurses, and other healthcare staff can often slow down the recruiting process.  Manually handling that information and communications exasperates the risks of mistakes, and it’s also incredibly time consuming.

    Recruiters looking to reduce these challenges and implement smarter healthcare recruitment strategies benefit from a digital solution. This enables healthcare recruiters to more effectively provide informative and relevant content to their candidates while they decide.

  • Use Case: Targeted Smart Recruitment
    Targeted Smart Recruitment

    Recruitment agencies have many prospects seeking aid with employment. With so many companies looking for the right person for a job it is a huge challenge to match candidates and companies efficiently. With many companies having very specific requirements it is common for recruitment agencies to spend a lot of time identifying the best fits among their pool of candidates.

    Recruitment agencies can combat these challenges through using a digital solution. They need a solution to help optimize their processes and that enables recruitment agencies to get smarter than ever before.

  • Use Case: Firefighter Smart Recruitment
    Firefighter Smart Recruitment

    It is common for governments to struggle with how they mobilize and recruit volunteer firefighters. Finding ways to effectively recruit professional and volunteer firefighters and call them in is critical for recruiters who assist governments to ensure that emergencies are resolved effectively and efficiently.

    This process can be simplified through using a digital solution which simplifies the process of recruiting firefighters and includes the ability to recall firefighters to optimize major emergency responses.

  • Use Case: Data Erasure Request for Smart Recruiters
    Data Erasure Request for Smart Recruiters

    Recruitment agencies handle a lot for their clients and candidates.  In many regions, they are required to respond to any requests they receive to remove information related to specific individuals from their databases. It is important to comply with these requests, however several key processes need to be followed to ensure erasure is complete appropriately and legitimately.

    Recruitment data erasure requests require that recruitment agencies spend a lot of time deleting information and communicating back to requesters, so they need a solution that can automatically handle as much of the process as possible. Using a digital solution gives recruiters an opportunity to improve how erasure requests are processed and managed.

  • Use Case: Board Member Smart Recruitment
    Board Member Smart Recruitment

    Scouting for new board members can be tricky, especially for boards who lack a system that can effectively keep track of candidates who show interest in the position.

    Recruiters have an opportunity to assist companies at the highest levels in managing their board member recruitment. Recruiters are already experts in evaluating candidates, and adding an aspect of determining engaged candidates through a digital solution adds another offering.