Digital Business Cards for Smart Recruiters

Challenge for


Recruitment agencies often need to have access to many business cards at a time. While physical business cards can do the job, they often come with limitations. Distributing business cards to clients can be ineffective, and hard to track. It also does not provide an opportunity to see the benefits of events where business cards are distributed on an organizational level.

Recruitment agencies have an opportunity to tackle these challenges and move beyond purely physical business cards by using digital smart recruitment business cards.

Solution for


SimplyCast offers the Digital Business Cards for Smart Recruiters use case. Digitizing business cards allows recruitment agencies to monitor their success and engagement. Digitizing business cards can also reduce the number of physical resources needed. Recruitment agencies can now easily share important information with new contacts without needing to include everything they should know on cards directly. This helps to make it more accessible to every new contact.

Recruitment agencies have many opportunities to improve how they can digitize their business cards including using QR landing pages, contact forms, and interaction tracking.

Steps to Success

  1. Create landing pages with more detailed information in contrast to what is possible on a physical business card. Include a QR code on physical business cards to link directly to the more advanced digital version.
  2. In the digital business cards, recruiters can include a contact form. New contacts can use the form to easily get in touch with the person who gave them the card.
  3. Since the card is digital interaction information about how contacts interact with the digital card is easy to collect. With these statistics available recruitment agencies can gauge successful interactions and events.

Best Outcome

  • Create an on-ramp to collect new contacts.
  • Easily update business card information without having to print new cards.
  • Utilize tracking to identify networking successes.
  • Send out direct links to digital business cards online.