Smart Recruitment External Job Board

Challenge for


Most companies and organizations have websites – but the digital infrastructure for job boards is a step above what most can implement on their own. Recruiters have an opportunity to assist companies in creating and managing their job board, streamlining inbound recruitment. Recruiters are already experts in evaluating candidates and can even assist in processing candidates who come in through the job board.

To make it happen, they need a solution that can provide a digital job board easily. The digital job board, ideally, also needs to be simple to implement on clients’ websites.

Solution for


That’s why SimplyCast offers the Smart Recruitment External Job Board use case. It is an easy to manage solution that assists recruiters in leveraging the websites of the companies they work with to collect new candidates for all sorts of open positions.

This use case utilizes forms, landing pages, and powerful smart automation to connect new applications with best-fit recruiters and assess them for the partner company automatically. Collecting applications from candidates and managing them can be more efficient than ever before with the help of this smart recruitment use case.

Steps to Success

  1. Recruiters create the job board as a single form or an array of forms on a landing page. Forms can be hosted directly within client companies’ sites, and landing pages are easily linked to.
  2. Candidates complete the form, or several applicable forms, to apply for a position.
  3. The system automatically determines the best-fit recruiter and can even automatically sort out invalid applications.
  4. Notify recruiters automatically of newly assigned applicants.

Best Outcome

  • Collect candidates from client websites.
  • Save time by automatically sorting applications.
  • Easily identify candidates with ideal qualifications.
  • Automatically notify recruiters of new inbound candidates.