Firefighter Smart Recruitment

Challenge for


It is common for governments to struggle with how they mobilize and recruit volunteer firefighters. Finding ways to effectively recruit professional and volunteer firefighters and call them in is critical for recruiters who assist governments to ensure that emergencies are resolved effectively and efficiently.

This process can be simplified through using a digital solution which simplifies the process of recruiting firefighters and includes the ability to recall firefighters to optimize major emergency responses.

Solution for


SimplyCast offers the Firefighter Smart Recruitment solution. This is a dynamic system that uses emergency communication along with engagement-focused automation in order to create a simple and personalized-focused approach to recruitment and mobilization.

This use case uses digital forms, phone calls, and emails which combine to improve the efficiency of recruitment. The solution adds an option for recruiters to provide clients with fast emergency deployment using staff recall and alerting.

Steps to Success

  1. The process begins with a digital form. This form allows for a simpler start to the firefighter recruitment process. The form will notify an appropriate recruiter to assess the candidate's submission and take the best next steps.
  2. Recruiters can add another level to the offering. Whenever a major fire occurs, volunteers and off-duty firefighters can be contacted using multiple communication channels. By using this mass recall approach, all applicable firefighters can be called at once, asking them to respond and confirm their availability.
  3. Additional emergency dashboards allow recruiters to provide assistance to their clients in preparing emergency fire response plans. These plans become templates that can be launched when needed.

Best Outcome

  • Create a smarter firefighter recruitment process.
  • Easily improve firefighter recruitment, for both professional and volunteer positions.
  • Provide additional tools to assist firefighters in their response to fires.