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Smart Recruitment--Why Us Overview

Digitization is coming to every sector. Smart recruitment companies need to evolve and adapt. Use case hyperautomation is the best way for smart recruitment organizations to implement digital processes. Why choose smart recruitment use case automation? Because the foundation of use case automation is adaptability. New ideas for automation become reality faster than ever.

Recruiters need a solution that keeps up with their ever-evolving needs. They need a platform with not only the right tools, but the ability to use them together. They need a solution that solves the problems they find in their processes. With the use case approach, every new challenge just becomes another ready-made solution. Use case automation leverages solutions to real problems to spread the benefits to every smart recruitment company.


Implementing technology within the recruitment sector can be slow and complex. Without the right setup, opportunities get lost, and time gets wasted. Recruiters need a solution that adapts to their needs, not the other way around. They need ways to communicate efficiently, engage prospects and hirers and improve how they market to both in an all-in-one solution. They need a recruitment automation solution with an ever-growing number of recruitment use cases.


Of fortune 500 companies use recruitment software.


Of companies believe digital technologies will disrupt their industry.
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Of recruiters believe investing in advanced technology is the best way to improve outcomes.


No code needed

No coding or developers required

Recruiters need solutions that don’t waste their time. Our no code solution ensures they can easily adjust use cases to fit their needs without complex training. Adjusting new and live use cases is easy and allows recruiters to skip wasting hours on training or hiring developers.


Engagement. SimplyCast is dedicated to helping smart recruiters to improve how they engage with prospects and hirers using automation and digital tools.


Use case hyperautomation

Our use case strategy experts are always looking for new smart recruitment use cases. When they discover a new opportunity, we create a template that gets deployed to the entire recruitment sector. Every success is shared and grows opportunities across the board.


Marketing. SimplyCast was built on a foundation of all-in-one marketing. Our platform is perfect for recruiters who want to improve how they market themselves to their candidates and partners.


A comprehensive solution

Our all-in-one platform includes more than 20 hyperautomation tools. These applications include communication tools, engagement applications, contact management, forms, and so much more.


Communication. Our super-suite of communication tools allows smart recruiters to target outreach, streamline exchanges, and communicate updates automatically.


Dedication to data security

We are ISO 27001:2013-certified and have data centers that we maintain in the USA and Canada. They allow for secure, safe communication for every industry. We also offer an appliance model to ensure Smart Cities can adhere to data sovereignty regulations within their region.

Emergency Response

Emergency Response. Our platform includes a robust set of emergency applications designed to optimize emergency response and improve coordination during emergencies for any industry.