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Restaurants have an opportunity to become smarter. Smart restaurant automation leverages communication, marketing, engagement, and emergency tools. Restaurants have an opportunity to bring their processes into the future and get ahead of the competition. If you want your restaurant to get smarter, we can help.

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Featured Use Cases

  • Use Case: Smart Restaurant Target Marketing
    Smart Restaurant Target Marketing

    Marketing is extremely important for restaurants to manage well. When restaurants have exceptional marketing coming out, they bring in more customers. Optimizing the way restaurants use digital marketing is a major key to success. Many restaurants do not have an effective strategy and lack a system that can optimize their marketing and target it effectively.

    Smart restaurants need a system that can connect to customers and show them marketing content that they want to see. A system that can more efficiently target customers. A targeted restaurant marketing solution.

  • Use Case: Smart Restaurant Open Shift Staff Recall
    Smart Restaurant Open Shift Staff Recall

    Restaurants face challenges when staff are unable to work. Managers have to take time away from other duties to call staff members to find staff who can fill the open shifts. This is not ideal, especially during peak hours. Smart restaurants need a process that is mostly hands-free, so managers don’t need to spend time finding someone to fill shifts when the business is already understaffed.

    Smart restaurants need an automated solution that allows them to streamline restaurant shift filling. They need a process that allows managers to focus on other essential duties instead of making many manual calls.

Why Choose Us?

No code needed

No coding or developers required

Anyone in a restaurant’s staff can easily customize automation use cases.


Use case hyperautomation

Restaurants can implement automation faster than ever through our use case model.


A comprehensive solution

Our all-in-one automation super-suite provides limitless integrated solutions for restaurants.


Dedication to data security

We are dedicated to ensuring world-class data and information security.

Solutions for the Smart Restaurant Use Case

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Our Benefits

  • A cohesive solution with digital tools designed to work in tandem in one platform.
  • Implementation strategies that identify the automation use cases that restaurants need.
  • Automation strategists constantly creating new restaurant automation use cases.
  • A team trained on secure information management and data security.

Our Competitors

  • Require many platforms and integrations to approach our functionality.
  • Cannot easily implement new solutions at scale for every restaurant.
  • Are unable to match the adaptability of the SimplyCast platform.
  • Lack accreditation for secure for secure information handling.
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How We're Better

  • A unified all-in-one platform.
  • Over 25 channels for automation and engagement.
  • Powered by a comprehensive use case model.
  • Smart technology adoption strategies.
  • Comprehensive solution for smart restaurants.
  • Trusted worldwide by governments.
  • Used worldwide by businesses.
  • ISO:27001 certified ISMS.

Smart Restaurant Frequently Asked Questions

Restaurants have many opportunities to implement new digital tools. The use case model is a creates a way for solutions of all kinds to be implemented more efficiently than ever before.

Every role in the restaurant industry has at least one task that can benefit from automation. Identifying these tasks allows SimplyCast to implement automation on every level. Everything from business processes to customer engagement has an opportunity to be improved with automation.

SimplyCast offers a way for smart restaurants to leverage automation with use cases. Use cases push automation further by finding real challenges and solving them. We provide restaurants with endless opportunities by using every use case we’ve found – even those designed for other industries. By working with restaurants, we can find use cases to make them even better.

The use case model focuses on finding processes, challenges, and situations that automation improves. Our automation experts create use cases using our robust multi-dimensional platform. By consulting with restaurants and researching the industry our experts are constantly able to find new automation opportunities.

Whenever we identify a smart restaurant use case, our experts build it as a template. We then make those templates and provide them to every smart restaurant we can. This model ensures there’s an ever-growing set of ready-to-go solutions to improve restaurants.

Use case hyperautomation focuses on identifying the needs of an industry. Each use case can apply to many companies, and so new automation use cases are a huge opportunity – so long as they can scale. The use case model ensures that they can.

Our experts work with restaurants to find the challenges they face and create solution frameworks that are adaptable to each individual restaurant. This approach drastically reduces the cost and difficulty of finding and creating new automation.