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  • Use Case: Smart Restaurant Target Marketing
    Smart Restaurant Target Marketing

    Marketing is extremely important for restaurants to manage well. When restaurants have exceptional marketing coming out, they bring in more customers. Optimizing the way restaurants use digital marketing is a major key to success. Many restaurants do not have an effective strategy and lack a system that can optimize their marketing and target it effectively.

    Smart restaurants need a system that can connect to customers and show them marketing content that they want to see. A system that can more efficiently target customers. A targeted restaurant marketing solution.

  • Use Case: Live Voting for Smart Restaurants
    Live Voting for Smart Restaurants

    Many restaurants use live voting as a way to engage with customers. Events such as live trivia nights are an easy example. Normally trivia is managed manually, which is often time-consuming for restaurant staff or volunteers, and can lead to all kinds of issues that can frustrate customers. This gets even more significant when the votes are for anything where the votes have stakes associated with them.

    Restaurants have the opportunity to reduce the challenges that come with live voting using an automated solution. This enables restaurants to greatly improve the voting process.

  • Use Case: Smart Restaurant Customer Loyalty Scoring
    Smart Restaurant Customer Loyalty Scoring

    It is common for restaurants to use loyalty reward systems as a way to bring in more repeat customers. Restaurants using reward points will have customers generating a score with each purchase made. Doing this manually is quite difficult especially with so many customers coming in each day.

    Restaurants benefit from an automated solution. Using an automated solution reduces the challenges of keeping track of each customer's rewards points and improves the overall process – it also erases the issues of easily-lost physical trackers.

  • Use Case: Smart Restaurant Employee Leave Requests
    Smart Restaurant Employee Leave Requests

    It is crucial for restaurants to have an efficient way for employees to request leave. Currently it is common for errors to occur such as requests being sent to wrong or outdated emails, requests being lost, or going unanswered. These issues can often make it challenging for employees to send in leave requests and know where they stand.

    A digital solution allows smart restaurants to minimize these challenges and makes it easier and more efficient to file leave requests using digital forms.

  • Use Case: Smart Restaurant QR Code Menus
    Smart Restaurant QR Code Menus

    Restaurants typically use physical copies of menus for customers coming into their restaurant. While physical menus are simple to use, it can be time consuming to continue printing off new menus and editing them as new menu items and deals come out.

    Smart restaurants, especially those trying out new options and menus, benefit from the use of digital QR-Code menus. QR-code menus allow restaurants to more easily update what they include and save staff from needing to update and replace physical menus when changes occur.