Digital Menu for Smart Restaurants

Challenge for


Many restaurants take orders online from customers. Currently this process involves having customers view their website and find the menu on the restaurant’s website, and then having customers call and order. This process leaves room for error and miscommunication. It is also often time-consuming for both employees and customers.  

Smart restaurants need an automated solution to reduce these challenges. They need a solution that enables better customer experiences with ordering online.

Solution for


SimplyCast offers the Digital Menu for Smart Restaurants use case. This solution enables restaurants to digitize and automate their menus for online orders. The use case improves how browse online menus and place orders digitally. Customers can search through an interactive menu that integrates digital ordering.

This solution also gives restaurants the opportunity to review how customers interact with menus. It lets them see what menu items customers most often gravitate towards. Restaurants can reduce many of the manual tasks associated with online orders. They can make the online process run smoother for both staff and customers with automation.

Steps to Success

  1. First, restaurants create an interactive menu landing page. It can include restaurant details, sections for different foods, and blocks for each menu item.
  2. Once a customer is ready to order, they simply select the “order now” link. This link redirects them to a digital order form.
  3. After submitting the order, the customer automatically receives a personalized order confirmation message.
  4. Finally, restaurant staff can review reports on the digital menu. Reports include information on trends and most viewed items, among other more specific details as appropriate.

Best Outcome

  • Easily create separate landing pages for each of the different food options.
  • Send order confirmations through multiple channels.
  • Add the option to update or cancel orders.
  • Reduce the manual workload and save workers' valuable time.