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Smart Restaurant--Why Us Overview

Digitization is coming to every industry, and the restaurant industry is no exception. Use case hyperautomation is the best way for restaurants to implement digital processes. Use cases are designed to be usable by every restaurant, with options to easily customize content or alter processes.

Restaurants need automation that works and keeps up with an ever-changing commercial landscape. With the use case approach, every new challenge just becomes another ready-made solution. Smart restaurants can leverage proven automation today and make it their own.


Restaurant owners and organizations face a huge set of challenges in implementing smart technology for restaurants. They need solutions that adapt to their operations with minimal additional complexity – without the need for coding or technical developers. They need ways to communicate efficiently, engage with customers, and improve marketing efforts in an all-in-one solution. They need a restaurant automation solution that keeps adding new use cases.


Of restaurants use multiple automated tools.


Of restaurants are upgrading their business technology.


Of restaurants are looking to automation technology to streamline their operations.


No code needed

No coding or developers required

Restaurant owners and staff can easily create or adjust automation workflows to best fit the needs of their restaurant. Adjusting new and live use cases is easy and doesn’t require knowing how to code or hiring a developer.


Engagement. SimplyCast is dedicated to helping smart restaurants engage with clients using automation and digital tools.


Use case hyperautomation

Our use case strategy experts are constantly looking for new ways restaurants and other businesses can get smarter. When a new opportunity for automation is discovered, we build templates that restaurants can launch.


Marketing. SimplyCast was built on a foundation of all-in-one marketing. Our platform is designed to make it easy for restaurants to communicate with customers and staff.


A comprehensive solution

Our all-in-one platform includes more than 20 hyperautomation tools. These applications include communication tools, staff recall, contact management, surveys, contact management, and so much more.


Communication. An array of communication tools allows smart automation to go further and do more for restaurants. Communicating with customers has never been easier.


Dedication to data security

We are ISO 27001:2013-certified and have data centers that we maintain in the USA and Canada. They allow for secure, safe communication no matter what industry you're a part of. We also offer an appliance model to ensure larger chains and brands can maintain data sovereignty where they need it.

Emergency Response

Emergency Response. Our platorm's robust emergency suite supports restaurants through sudden closures, food safety management, and more.