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Blocklist Monitor

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When you send email blasts, there are plenty of reasons that can potentially mark your emails as spam. It may be a spam trap or an unfortunate spam filter situation. The moment the red flag is raised, your email deliverability is jeopardized by potential blocklisting that is connected to a network of spam filter around the world. 


Monitoring your blocklist situation helps you to manage your emails campaigns more efficiently and increase your deliverability.  


Keep your online reputation clean and get your emails delivered at the right place in your recipients’ inboxes. 


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Complete Solution

Online Reputation Protection

Monitor Multiple IP Addresses Monitor multiple IP addresses over time to maintain their reputation. Your business may use several IP addresses for various purposes. Our monitoring tool will ensure that if any of them are blocklisted you will be immediately notified so you can begin the removal process.
Instant Notifications Get notified with blocklist alerts and removal instructions in real time. You will instantly be sent an email at your preferred email address if any of your monitored IP addresses are blocklisted. This enables you to do damage control right away so your online reputation doesn't suffer.
Automatic Monitoring Monitoring is all taken care of automatically. Once you enter the IP addresses you wish to have monitored, there is nothing else to do. You don't even have to think about it again unless you receive an email notifying you that your IP address has been added to a blocklist.
Search IP Addresses Search for an IP quickly and easily using our search function. You can search for the IP address itself or a description of the IP you have entered.

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