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Blueprints & Maps

The all-in-one monitoring system

Create and manage assets, monitor statuses in real time, and display items using mapping technology.

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The asset management solution for you

Determine the information you need to know at a glance by managing it with SimplyCast's Blueprints & Map application. Use the mapping technology to display blueprint records and monitor any change in status or capacity. Do this with help from visual icons that change color automatically.

Acting essentially like a relational database system, Blueprint entities are used as templates to create records that can appear on SimplyCast’s Map interface or be used separately. Managers can look at the map and see the information they need to know at a glance. With Blueprints, it is essential to plan out your actions beforehand in order to maximize your success and make sure you are being efficient with the system.

 Blueprints Maps

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Infinite Possibilities

Blueprint & Map feature can be used to target a particular geographical area to send alerts and other communications. The map can be overlaid with information from the common operating picture, such as the location of any personnel in the field or the sites of all health centers and other critical infrastructure. Information about the status of each facility can be added to the map as well and it will continue to update automatically as soon as new information is available.

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